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20 The Countdown Magazine is one of the longest-running radio programs in the world, with listeners in dozens of countries around the globe. Thirty-five years ago, Jon Rivers was on his way into work where he hosted the morning show on KLTY-FM in Dallas/Fort Worth. It was around 2:30 in the morning while driving in where Jon clearly heard Jesus speak to him to start a weekly countdown show called, “20 The Countdown Magazine.” Fast forward to 2019 and as Jon retired, he hand-picked his replacement- William Ryan III. For more of that story, click here.

William Ryan III counts down the Top 20 AC Christian singles every week in this 2 hour show. Includes Christian Music News, weekly Artist Spotlight, and the Fan Future Favorite. The show is available in commercial or non-commercial versions. The show is delivered in segments via FTP.

A weekly email notifies all affiliates of show-readiness, news and other important information.

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For more on “20” and to hear the latest full-length show, visit www.20thecountdownmagazine.com

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Affiliates: Click here to download the latest show. You will need the password from your affiliate email.

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